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The Grimoire of Forgotten Fairytales

Unearthing the Shadows of Ancient Lore:

A Sinister Collection of Forgotten Rhymes, Folklore and Fae

“The longer I looked, the more disorienting it became.”


Step beyond the veil of the ordinary and into a realm where stories are not as they seem. 'The Grimoire of Forgotten Fairytales' beckons you into a world of ancient lore and enigmatic verses. From twisted nursery rhymes to cryptic riddles, each page is a key to a door yet unopened, a path yet untraveled. Will you heed the whispers of forgotten tales and unlock the secrets that lie within? Venture forth, if you dare, but remember: some doors, once opened, can never be closed.

In the shadowy corners of TikTok, a series of eldritch horror sketches began to capture the imagination of viewers worldwide. These sketches, crafted with a blend of mystery and dark allure, quickly amassed a following eager for more. William Moore found themself at the centre of an ever-growing community, united by a love for the macabre and the mystical.

As the sketches gained viral status, fans began to clamour for something deeper, something they could hold in their hands and delve into at their leisure. Heeding the call of his followers, William embarked on a journey to transform these fleeting moments of horror into a tangible reality.


The idea for "The Grimoire of Forgotten Fairytales" was born.

Turning to Kickstarter to bring this vision to life, William launched a campaign that resonated deeply with his audience. The response was overwhelming. The project not only met its funding goal but soared past it, achieving over 200% of its target. This incredible show of support was a testament to the community's eagerness for the book.

But the story didn't end there. As the release date of Halloween 2023 approached, the anticipation only grew. Preorders began to flood in, surpassing 500, a clear indication of the book's allure and the impact of William's initial sketches. "The Grimoire of Forgotten Fairytales" was no longer just a series of sketches on TikTok; it had become a phenomenon, a testament to the power of community and the enduring appeal of the eldritch and the unknown.

The book has now sold thousands of copies and in April 2024, a much requested audiobook version was released.

William has planned a number of subsequent, related projects and is excited to share them in the near future.

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