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William Moore is a multifaceted artist with a unique voice in the creative world. As an actor, singer-songwriter, online content creator, and writer, he captivates audiences with his incisive storytelling, compelling performances, and insightful commentary.



As an independent singer-songwriter based in Kent, William Moore captivates audiences with his incisive storytelling and irresistible hooks. His genre-defying music draws from a diverse palette of inspirations, creating a sound that's uniquely his own. From his 2021 EP 'Songs for Nocturnal Consumption' to his dance-pop love song 'I Know' in 2022, William continues to push boundaries in the music scene.

Content Creator

William Moore's unique blend of content on Instagram and TikTok has resonated with a rapidly growing combined audience of over 200,000 fans. His sinister comedic sketches, extending well-known nursery rhymes into eldritch horror tales and poems, have led to viral success and millions of views. Alongside these, his insightful commentary on politics and current events has garnered significant attention, demonstrating his ability to engage with audiences on a wide range of topics. His content also expands to include sketches and commentary about books, with a particular focus on fantasy. 

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With a natural talent for performance, William Moore brings characters to life with authenticity and depth. His acting work spans a variety of mediums and genres, showcasing his versatility and commitment to his craft. Whether on stage or in front of a camera, William's performances are marked by their emotional resonance and captivating presence.

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William is the author of the best selling book 'The Grimoire of Forgotten Fairytales', a sinister collection of rhymes and short stories which sets the stage for a larger connected universe of stories. As a writer, William excels in crafting compelling narratives that engage and inspire. His work, ranging from song lyrics and poems to comedic sketches and play scripts, showcases his creativity and knack for storytelling. With a unique voice and a keen eye for detail, William's writing resonates with a wide audience.

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